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802.11n modifications to allow speed of 600 Mbps

The task group responsible for developing the IEEE 802.11n project has voted to accept a joint proposal to amend the IEEE 802.11 WLAN standard by adding specifications for new technologies which will raise WLAN connection speeds to as much as 600 Mbps. The task group working on this amendment, IEEE P802.11n (Wireless LAN MAC and PHY Specifications: Enhancements for Higher Throughput) voted unanimously to confirm the joint proposal as a baseline. The project to develop IEEE 802.11n began in 2003 to ensure the interoperability of the next generation of WLAN devices. A draft of the amendment is expected in late 2006, with publication slated for 2007.

Bruce Kraemer, chairman of the IEEE 802.11n High Throughput Task Group, said that "reaching this step is a significant milestone. It demonstrates the success of the IEEE consensus process in bringing together the diverse interests of enterprises and consumers. The technology to be incorporated into IEEE 802.11n will provide new capabilities to diverse industry sectors ranging from computer and consumer electronics to public access and mobile telephony."

For more on IEEE P802.11n task group:
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ALSO: SiGe Semiconductor has developed what the company says is the world's first complete RF front-end module for WiFi products designed to be compliant with the IEEE 802.11n draft specification. The SE2545A10 integrates two full dual-band transmit/receive chains, and it supports wireless multimedia services without forcing painful compromises with regard to battery life, size or performance. Article

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