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ALSO NOTED: Conexant chip targets handhelds; Alt telco PeterStar to launch WiMAX in Kaliningrad; and much more...

> Conexant has rolled its out its vCX53121, a new chip targeted at low power WiFi-equipped devices such as battery-powered handheld and MP3 players. Report.

> 5G Wireless Communications has completed concept testing in Delta State, Nigeria, and will begin to provide the state with last-mile solutions for voice, video and data via multiple citywide WiFi deployments. Press release.

> Kenya Data Networks (KDN) is carrying out ADSL2 trials with both Alcatel and Siemens and is planning to roll-out the new service some time in June 2006. Report.

> Russian alternative telco PeterStar plans to launch a WiMAX network in Kaliningrad in late 2006 or early 2007. Report.

And finally... Fans of Sirius' satellite radio take note: The company's upcoming portable media player, still unnamed will not support live satellite broadcasts of Sirius' radio. Instead, users will use WiFi hotspots to access content. Report.

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