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ALSO NOTED: Extend WiFi network range; iPass partners with T-Mobile; and much more...

> Want to extend the range of your WiFi network? Advice

> Mentor Graphics released its Nucleus 802.11i software to developers requiring IEEE 802.11i, WPA-2 and WPA support in wireless Ethernet applications. Release

> iPass will partner with T-Mobile to incorporate T-Mobile's and T-Com's European WiFi hotspot networks into the iPass Global Broadband Roaming network. More than 800,000 quarterly iPass users will benefit from access to more than 8,000 new locations in Germany, the U.K., the Netherlands, Austria and the Czech Republic. Report

> 5V Technologies has licensed HelloSoft's VoIP Software solution for SOHO Gateways, IP Phones and VoWLAN SoC designs. Release

> The Bluetooth SIG has selected the WiMedia Alliance multiband orthogonal frequency division multiplexing version of UWB for integration with current Bluetooth wireless technology. Release

> WiFi asset tags are expected to reach almost 2 million shipments in 2010, according to market research firm In-Stat. Report

And Finally... TI, Motorola and others develop new handsets for a reason: Telecom Trends International reports that the number of mobile handsets shipped will increase from 815.2 million units in 2005 to 1,694.4 million units in 2012. Release

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