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> Thank God Woody Hayes was not around to knock Aruba's engineers on campus to the ground: This allowed them to install at Ohio State University what the company claims to be the world's largest WLAN. Report

> Atmel is showing its second generation VoIP chip, designed for 802.11a/g wireless VoIP applications. Press release

> Several UK hotel chains, among them Radisson SAS, Park Inn Hotels, Malmaison, and Hotel Du Vin have reported success with UK firm Airangel's WiFi internet access model which offers a walled-garden approach as an alternative to pay-as-you-go. Report

> Some car dealerships in upstate New York now offer WiFi service to waiting customers; other dealerships go further, offering sandwiches, gourmet coffee, and even tanning beds. The argument is these amenities would lessen the customers' sticker shock. Report

> See this discussion of what priorities the city of Napa, CA should set for itself as it considers an offer by AT&T to set up a muni-WiFi system in this wine capital. Report

> Netgear said it will support the protection measures in the "WiFi User Protection Bill" recently signed into law in California. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger last week signed the bill which requires AP manufacturers to include warnings in the configuration menus and stickers on the retail boxes. Report

> Cree is shipping sample quantities of its new CGH27015 15W packaged gallium nitride high-electron-mobility transistor for WiMAX. Report

And finally... Yogi Berra said about baseball that "90 percent of the game is half mental." BT's new WiFi calling plan reminds us of Yogi: BT is offering 50 percent more Openzone WiFi hotspot minutes, but the offer is limited to its 6-pound ($11), one-hour voucher, which now offers 90 nonconsecutive minutes if used within 24 hours. There is no corresponding offer for the longer-term vouchers, such as the 24-hour or 30-day products. The offer runs out on January 31, 2007. Report

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