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ALSO NOTED: Freecom's 160GB storage gateway WLAN; Steve Jobs on the Zune; and much more...

>  Freecom is showing a storage gateway WLAN which offers 160GB of network storage and includes a full-scale wireless router. Report

> The way the Canadiens hockey team is playing,anything would help, so why not install WiFi at the Bell Centre in Montreal? Report

> Steve Jobs says that the Zune will not help men create a romantic atmosphere when they are with their girlfriends because of the time it takes to select and play a song: "By the time you've gone through all that, the girl's got up and left!" Report

> Singapore will offer free WiFi to its citizens beginning in January 2007. Report

> Nokia's Linux-based 770 Internet Tablet now offers GPS. Report

> See the update on muni-WiFi in Oakland.

> Fon will be offering $5 hot-spot access, 802.11g routers. Unstrung report | press release

> Analysts at Deutsche Bank Securities initiate coverage of Netgear with a "hold" rating. The target price is set to $22. The analysts note that the increasing adoption of the 802.11n WiFi is poised to boost the growth of home networking, which is likely to benefit Netgear going forward, but--there is always a "but"--with the adoption of the 802.11n in the early stages, Netgear will remain exposed to competitive pressures in the near term. Report

And finally... James Paul Gee of the University of Wisconsin is a respected scholar of sociolinguistics; we should thus note that his last two books are What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy (2004) and Why Video Games are Good for Your Soul (2005); the editor of our FierceMarkets sister publication, FierceGameBiz, shares Professor Gee's view of videogames' beneficial contribution, and this is why the newsletter is holding the BrainPong Competition--add your commentary to an industry debate and enter to win a PlayStation 3 or two Nintendo Wiis!

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