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ALSO NOTED: Janszen named AutoCell's new CEO; Cisco tries to pop WiMax bubble; and much more...

> Eric Janszen, former CEO of Bluesocket, is AutoCell Laboratories' new CEO. Gary Vacon, cofounder and former CEO, becomes chairman and will remain actively involved in the company. Story

> John Cooper has launched a new weblog dedicated to muni-WiFi.

> A new study says that by 2010, a quarter of Western European households will abandon plain old telephony services; 45 percent of all residential voice minutes in Western Europe will be made from a mobile or VoIP connection. Report

> Cisco tries to pop the WiMax Bubble? Good luck. Commentary

> Qwest in trials of WiMax in the Denver area. Story

And Finally... May be all roads lead to Rome, but all paths to cellular-WiFi convergence certainly cross UMA. Analysis

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