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ALSO NOTED: Latest version of Alcatel's IP comm server; Free WiFi access at Japanese air base; and much more...

> Alcatel is showing the latest version of its Alcatel OmniPCX Office, its IP communication server for small-to-medium sized business. Report

> Planning to stay at the Kanto Lodge at the Yokota air base in Japan? Bring your laptop: They now offer free WiFi access. Report

> Queen City, AZ is going WiFi. Report

> Toronto promises downtown WiFi by end of August, honest. Report

> Trendnet is offering a small HotFlash memory drive and WiFi adapter. Report

> There is a new broadband wireless equipment player: Naperville, IL-based Air802, which has just commenced operations. Press release

And Finally... Sign of the times: Intel operates a large development office in the Israeli port city of Haifa. Since last Wednesday, the city has come under repeated rocket attacks from Iranian-supported terrorist organization Hezbollah. Intel's employees continue to do their development work, but now they are doing it in a bomb shelter. Report

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