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ALSO NOTED: Nokia 770 review; Motorola joins Wi-Fi Alliance; and much more...

> Here is the Washington Post review's verdict on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet: "It Does Little, and Not Very Well." Review

> Motorola has joined the Wi-Fi Alliance. Report

> Siemens announced the availability of HiPath Wireless Manager Advanced, a modular extension for the Siemens HiPath Wireless family of WLAN solutions. The HWMA solution aims to enhance WLAN security. Release

> Las Vegas-based Priority Networks will collaborate with Intel to provide seamless WiFi-cellular convergence for conventioneers in the city. Release

> Top Global has just come out with what must be the most stylish design for a high-speed wireless router. The company's Phoebus MB6000 looks, in the words of one reviewer, "like a floating pyramid hovering over your desk." Site

> Copper accounts for about 19 percent of the materials used to construct a typical cell phone. Now the question is: Will copper's record prices affect VoIP, WiFi, and cell phones? Discussion

And Finally... Fifty years ago Pauline Réage published her salacious Histoire d'O, and yesterday Eric Sylvers published his Story of 'Wi', a good survey of the history of WiFi and WiMax. Article

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