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ALSO NOTED: Qualcomm dismisses threat from WiFi, WiMax; Philly's muni-WiFi project finally underway; and much more...

> Qualcomm dismisses threat from WiFi, WiMax. Story

> Linux powers 108 Mbps MIMO OFDM WiFi demo. Story

> New Itronix tablet PC supports WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G. Report

> Pocket PC PDAs with built-in WiFi, GPS are on their way. Report

> Philadelphia's muni-WiFi project is finally getting underway. Report

> Effort to defeat muni-WiFi in Texas fails. Story

> IBM, Nortel work on convergence. Discussion

> SkyPilot raises $15 million, joins WiMax Forum. Report

> A new study from the Government Accountability Office says RFIDs pose serious risks to privacy. Story

> Brian Livingstone talks about WiFi security that actually works. Discussion

> ADT will deliver an intelligent RFID reader that can process radio signals from tags without relying on instructions from a connected network. Story

> Virginia Tech to study battlefield use of sensor networks. Story

> Busses on the Albany-NYC line to be equipped with WiFi. Story

And Fianlly... The vicar of St. John's Cathedral in Cardiff, Wales, has turned the church into a hotspot by persuading BT Openzone to install WiFi access. Story

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