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ALSO NOTED: Review: Cognio WiFi spectrum analyzer; second headline; and much more...

> WildPackets has introduced the OmniSpectrum, a portable RF spectrum analyzer which runs in a standard Windows laptop PC and identifies the devices causing interference on a WiFi network. Release

> A look at Cognio's WiFi spectrum analyzer. Review

> Linksys, NetGear and D-Link have already announced new networking gear based on the draft 802.11n standard. Now Belkin is introducing its own N1 Wireless Router. Article

> Enforta announces Zarja acquisition to expand Russian WiMAX, VoIP presence. Release

And Finally... There are many perks to living in Suffolk County on Long Island, including gorgeous beaches and beautiful people in the Hamptons. Soon there will be another perk: free Internet access for the county's 1.5 million residents, to be deployed next year. Report

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