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ALSO NOTED: Ruckus shows network gateway; FCC releases list of bidders; and much more...

> Ruckus shows gateway which bridges metro-scale network into the home. Press release

> Losing sleep over the August 9 FCC AWS auction? The agency has just released the list of 168 qualified bidders. Press release

> Netgear shows good numbers: Net revenue for Q2, which ended July 2, was $130.7 million, a 21.5 percent increase relative to the $107.6 million for the Q2 2005. Report

> Nikon has added WiFi capabilities to a couple of new digital still cameras. Report

> Herzlia, Israel-based 802.16d/e developer WiNetworks has closed an $11 million funding round. Report

> Woosh Wireless has expanded its rights to frequencies in the 2.3 GHz band--but how will it use this position in offering a WiMAX service? Report

And Finally... Another reason to move to Florida: The state will offer free WiFi to motorists on the state's turnpike. Report

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