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BEA buys ConnecTerra

Application developer BEA Systems is buying RFID maker ConnecTerra. One of BEA's strong suites is providing middleware--the software layer between the operating system and applications--and the acquisition of ConnecTerra would allow BEA to integrate RFID into its middleware products. BEA has made it known that it was looking to make acquisitions to strengthen its AquaLogic and WebLogic lines. AquaLogic is a service infrastructure product, while WebLogic is an application platform for developers to service-enable their applications.

BEA's most recent acquisition was in September when it bought M7, a privately held maker of development tools. BEA is expected to introduce products using the technologies of the combined companies sometime before the end of the year. "Most of the early RFID adopters are already using BEA and ConnecTerra technologies, and this gives us the industry's first end-to-end standards-based infrastructure for RFID," said BEA CEO Alfred Chuang. The amount BEA paid was not disclosed, but analysts say it was probable somewhat under $20 million.

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MORE: A new in-depth study into the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) market shows a remarkable shift of industry focus from European RFID vendors. Until 12 months ago, most vendors were targeting the open supply chain applications in the retail industry hoping to capitalize on the potential high volume of RFID tags and readers in these applications. Since then, many vendors have broadened their focus and begun targeting opportunities in other market segments. Release

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