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Editor's Corner

As reported in our first story, Mexico is experimenting with offering concession-free access to a portion of the spectrum to be used by WiMAX service providers. The move will certainly have the effect of encouraging more companies, including small start-ups and ISPs, to offer the service and offer better deals to consumers; but there are potential negative consequences as well. Crowded bands create interference problems and the quality of service in them is degraded.

These and other topics will be at the heart of discussion and debate at the FierceMarkets WiMAX Strategies event during GLOBALCOMM in Chicago June 7-8. The roster of speakers is filling up with industry insiders, including leading executives from TowerStream, Alcatel, BelAir Networks and others, and analysts whose thoughts and words count. I am glad to note the latest speakers to confirm their participation in the event.

Sanford (Sandy) Brown from AT&T will deliver the opening keynote address. Brown leads AT&T Business in the strategic application of alternate access technologies, including WiMAX and other wireless and wireline solutions. This is a good thing for AT&T as Brown has gained a reputation for transforming concepts and emerging technologies into successful businesses. He was a principal of AT&T's entry into business IP services--among other things leading AT&T's initial entry into VoIP--and has developed the company's hosting services from a boutique, niche service to a large scale, fast growing business.

We have also booked Daniel Coombes from Motorola as one of  our other keynote speakers, and the event has now been endorsed by the WiMAX Forum. You will find much more information at the event's Web site, where you will also find the registration form. I urge you you to attend: WiMAX is an intriguing and promising technology, but its profitable implementation requires thinking and careful planning. The speakers at WiMAX Strategies will address the issues or marketing and monetizing the technology, and I am confident you will benefit from attending. - Ben

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