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ERF Wireless gets license for WiMAX

ERF Wireless, a provider of enterprise wireless and broadband services, announced it has been granted a 3.65 GHz license to deploy WiMAX in select wireless ISP and oil and gas markets across Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana, where it is expanding its footprint. The company also said it is partnering with other companies to gain access to 2.5 GHz spectrum licenses.

"The adoption of WiMAX technology is a critical part of our current network expansion strategy," said ERF Wireless CEO, Dr. H. Dean Cubley. "We've been monitoring the progress of WiMAX technology for some time, and until now we've felt that the cost and maturity of the technology were not favorable for large-scale network deployment. However, in the past six months, there have been some dramatic improvements in both the technology and its cost-effectiveness. As a result, we are evaluating WiMAX equipment from various vendors as we prepare to deploy WiMAX at selected locations in our networks where this new technology will be most effective."

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