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Fujitsu shows mobile WiMAX SoC

The inexorable march toward mobile WiMAX continues. Last week Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe used the occasion of the 2006 Wireless Communication Association conference in Washington, DC to show its mobile WiMAX system on chip (SoC) solution. The solution is 802.16-2005 compliant.

The company says the mobile WiMAX SoC features scalable 1024 fast fourier transform (FFT) OFDMA PHY and full MAC processors; adaptive modulation schemes which include 64QAM, 16QAM, QPSK, and BPSK; an interface for MIMO RF modules; low-leakage 90nm process technology and small-footprint FBGA packages.

The company says that its 802.16e-based efforts complement its efforts in the 802.16d sphere: It sees its fixed WiMAX developments is suitable for wireless VPN, disaster recovery, wireless backhaul and broadcast-quality streaming media. Its 802.16-e efforts will support vehicular data sharing, consumer-in-motion applications and appliance connectivity.

For more on Fujitsu's mobile WiMAX SoC:
- in this company press release

PLUS: Martin Courtney says that Fujitsu's move--and similar moves by Intel--show that mobile WiMAX chips are coming. Report

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