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Hop-On unveils inexpensive WiFi phone

Irvine, California-based Hop-On earlier this week showed its HOP1502 Wi-Fi IP phone and software solution. The HOP1502 handset offers all the features and functionality of a VoIP terminal adapter with the advantage of allowing users to talk from any available public or private WiFi AP. The handset is similar in size to other mobile phones, and it supports many VoIP features and functions based on SIP. Service providers may offer three-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding, and more based on the capabilities of their servers. The HOP1502 also enables voice processes, including comfort noise generation, voice activity detection, and echo cancellation, and IP features such as Real-Time Transfer Protocol (RTP), Session Description Protocol, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and Virtual SIM (VSIM).

This a good time to come out with an affordable WiFi handset. Instat says, "The number of mobile/WLAN (VoIP) subscribers is to reach over 256 million worldwide by 2009. By 2009, the numbers of subscribers using WLAN for voice is expected to exceed those using WLAN for data only." Aware of the security concenrs raised with regard to VoIP, Hop-On is working with security partners to develop a total solution package for carriers and hotspot owners. The solution includes Virtual SIM (VSIM) patented software technology, which offers for WiFi phones benefits similar to those of GSM/CDMA security and authentication.

For more on Hop-On's solution:
- see details of the handset | VSIM

PLUS: There is a new and important contribution to coverged telephony in the form of the SyVoice product line from Plano, Texas-based SyChip. At the core of SyVoice is the VWLAN7100 VoIP CSM, an integrated and virtually complete VoIP system in a single package. The product aims at makers of smartphones and PDA-based phones. The VWLAN7100 is a turnkey WLAN-plus-VoIP solution which includes all the hardware and software required to add VoIP and data functions to a standard cell phone. It may be integrated into different mobile devices on a plug-and-play-basis. The VWLAN7100 module will be priced "below $20 in quantities of 10,000 or more," says Moses Asom, SyChip cofounder and senior vice president of marketing. "This is only about a $5 increment over the cost of the straight WLAN module (without VoIP)." Report

ALSO: Atheros and Connexant have small, inexpensive, low-power chips targeting WLAN phones and other battery-powered devices. Story

FINALLY: British researchers at the NISCC discovered a flaw in Cisco's VoIP phones which make them vulnerable to a denial-of-service attack. The flaw is in the handling of DNS protocol by the phone's software. Report

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