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Intel-GSMA: "To make every notebook SIM ready"

The last piece of news from Barcelona also has to do with convergence: Intel said it launched an initiative to facilitate the adoption of the GSM family of technologies in laptop computers. Such a move will allow users to connect and seamlessly roam across global mobile networks. The GSMA and Intel will collaborate on developing guidelines for integrating 3G modems and SIM cards into laptop computers, enabling automatic connection to both 3GSM networks and WiFi networks around the world--using the same SIM card technology used by mobile phones today. Some laptop manufacturers have already announced their intentions to offer GSM capabilities, and these guidelines are important in ensuring that they can quickly provide these capabilities to laptop owners. The GSMA and Intel will seek to get organizations critical to market implementation involved, among them mobile operators, PC manufacturers, and network infrastructure providers. "Our goal is to ensure that in future, every notebook will be SIM ready," said Rob Conway, CEO of the GSM Association.

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