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Linksys makes WiFi security set up easy

Good news for those concerned about WiFi security (and who isn't?): Linksys has (finally) released its first network product which features the company's SecureEasySetup Technology. The new system allows users to make their networks more secure by literally pushing a button. The button applies WPA settings to the router and client computer. It encrypts data flowing between AP and client, and configures the network SSID. This one-push button replaces the current system of manually keying in the security key to configure WPA encryption and SSID. "Installation of a wireless network with security features has traditionally been a complicated and time-consuming task," said Linksys' Malachy Moynihan. "We hope that technology such as SecureEasySetup is adopted as a standard used by all WiFi equipment manufacturers so that any networked device can be added simply to a home network."

Linksys' decision is wise, but the story does not end there: The consortium of network and IT companies which have developed SecureEasySetup has submitted it to the IEEE for consideration for inclusion in the WiFi standard. Moreover, SecureEasySetup is an open standard, so WiFi gear manufacturers may include it in their devices without royalty payments. HP, Broadcom, Buffalo, and others have already said they would back the technology.

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ALSO: Netgear is including a software wizards in some of its routers, and all of its major wireless client hardware, to make security set up easier. Story

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