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McAfee shows WiFi security solution

McAfee is jumping on the WiFi bandwagon. Next week it will ship a subscription-based software aiming to protect home wireless routers. The Wireless Home Network Security software will automatically set up encryption keys on WiFi routers and the PCs connected to them; importantly, it will then rotate the keys every three hours. The solution is also backward-compatible and will work with older WiFi systems which use WEP encryption and with current equipment which supports the newer WPA and WPA 2 technologies.

The system will keep unauthorized users from accessing the WLANs and from deciphering the packets which are transmitted over the network. The software detects an insecure WLAN nearby and alerts the user, asking him or her whether they want to make the network more secure. The solution then puts a key on the PC, sets up a secure connection to the router, and sets up the same key on the router. The new product works with most of the popular WiFi routers, including gear from Linksys, D-Link, and Belkin.

McAfee Wireless Home Network Security will cost $49.99 for a 12-month license for use with five PCs at a time. There will also be a $9.99 annual fee for software updates.

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