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Motorola invests in Trapeze

Trapeze, the wireless switch maker, has received a large investment from Motorola Ventures and will use the funds to work on fixed/wireless convergence solutions. Trapeze already is working on VoWLAN, and the funds will allow it to extend its activity to UMA. The amount of funding has not been disclosed, but Trapeze's Bart Tillmans said, "We do talk millions here." Trapeze has been offering Spectralink's handsets with its VoWLAN and will now begin to offer Motorola's converged handsets.

The two companies also appear to complement each other in the WiFi universe, with Motorola showing a keen interest in mesh technology. Motorola's Warren Holtsberg said, "Trapeze's product offering complements Motorola's existing wide-area cellular and Mesh-enabled technology solutions, and enlarges our eco-system around this key developing market space."

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