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New maritime navigation aid

What with last week's attempt by pirates to hijack a cruise ship off coast of the Philippines, this new device may be of interest. WiFi Wireless has just unveiled its WF205 System, a streamlined, solid-state stabilization navigational aid. The system uses laser gyro controlled platforms and, unlike similar systems, it has no moving parts. It offers accurate pitch, roll and rate of turns on three axis. The nav-aid device is completely wireless and does not require much power (only 24Volts DC). The wireless system is designed to work with existing satellite infrastructure. The company says that the system is built specifically to work accurately in extreme weather conditions and on integrated bridges. The device may also be used to monitor cargo aboard the ship (when combined with RFIDs), allowing remote monitoring of any tempering with or other unauthorized handling of containers.

For more on the WF205:
- see this press release

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