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picoChip expands operations in China

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If you want to have a sense of trends in the industry, you can do one of two things: first you could subscribe to three dozens magazines and newsletters, keep several analysts on a retainer and attend a dozen conferences a year, or for the lazy among us there is an easier way--Keep an eye on picoChip. Over the past three years or so we have learned much about the underlying trends and directions in the industry by following what this innovative Bath, U.K.-based company was doing. The latest: picoChip has expanded its Asian operations with the establishment of a new development center in Beijing. The company already operates an engineering facility in Shenzhen and a sales office in Shanghai as part of its plans for the Chinese market.

picoChip's growing operations in China have been in evidence for a while now: The company has had a collaborative relationship with WSPN-BUPT (Wireless Signal Processing and Network Lab, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) revolving around the development of TD-SCDMA-based wireless systems and commercial WiMAX systems designed for the Chinese market; the company has also worked together with the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), considered a leading force in network software and protocol stacks.

For more on picoChip's Chinese initiative:
- see the company's press release

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