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SPOTLIGHT: Swooping to conquer

Mike Matthews, head of product marketing at communications vendor Aculab, says that a new entrant with the right strategic vision and plan may well swoop into and dominate the U.S. VoIP industry during the next five years. This vendor may or may not be based in the U.S., and it may not have yet even been formed. Matthews spoke at an industry panel at the recent Internet Telephony Conference in Florida. "I would suggest we are going to see a player, who many of us will not know the name of right now, become a key player in this space. We are ripe for a big player to fly in and rip this market to pieces because it's very viable." He cited Virgin Mobile, in the UK, which built an almost $1bn business without any infrastructure, as the elk of a competitor that could shake up the US VoIP scene. "It could be more of a branding exercise than a technology exercise," Matthews said. Article.

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