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SPOTLIGHT: The WiFi revolution

OK, so perhaps it is not as historically significant as the French Revolution, but it is still an important revolution. We are talking about the WiFi revolution, and Red Herring, the weekly dedicated to technology business mavens, dedicates the cover story of its forthcoming March 13 issue to what it describes as the WiFi revolution. It says that if anything keeps executives of old-line phone companies up at night, it is probably telecommunications upstarts like FON. The -backed company and others like it, are looking to allow people to communicate more cheaply using the Internet. Think WiFi everywhere. First there was Skype, which used the Internet to help people talk. Now there is FON, which essentially enables users to trade their Internet connections so everyone's connected wherever they go. Many believe FON could become the next big tech success story. I can hear Marie Antoinette now: "Les permettre d'utiliser WiFi." Preview

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