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Wi-LAN receives $2M in orders for Libra MX

Calgary, Canada-based Wi-LAN said it has received $2 million in orders for its broadband wireless solutions, of which more than $1 million is initial orders for its Libra MX systems. Libra MX is Wi-LAN's WiMax platform with the company's guaranteed seamless upgrade path to WiMax Forum Certified systems. The products are used for large-scale data, voice, and video surveillance networks in the countries ordering them. Note that the orders appear to come mostly from Middle Eastern countries -- Libya, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan, and Turkey.

Wi-LAN will fill the orders in the next four weeks and additional volume orders for Libra MX will likely come during the next six months. "These new orders are an exciting expansion of Wi-LAN's growing installed base in the Middle East and Central Asia," said Chris Beadle, VP for Global Sales at Wi-LAN. "There is a growing need for broadband communication infrastructure in the region, and our broadband wireless products deliver the best price-to-performance ratio in the industry. It's great to see a steady increase in Wi-LAN's market share in this region, and particularly with our new Libra MX systems."

Libra MX is based on Wi-LAN's patented W-OFDM technology, the foundation for WiMax Forum Certified products. Libra MX includes both base stations and subscriber units and is Wi-LAN's fourth-generation OFDM product.

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