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Hotspots: Implementation and Operation...Oct. 2004
Suggested Topics:
  • Billing, backhaul, security, authentication, support
  • Roaming partnerships
  • Hotspot hardware and management software
WLAN Gateways vs. Switches...Nov. 2004
Suggested Topics:
  • "Fat" and intelligent APs vs. "thin" and dumb APs
  • Centralized management mechanisms
  • Pros and cons of various hardware/software solutions
Voice-over-WiFi (VoWiFi)...Dec. 2004
Suggested Topics:
  • Melding cellular and WiFi
  • Standardized solutions to traffic prioritization, session handoffs
  • SIP and other software as solutions for Voice-over-WiFi
How to Fight Next Generation WLAN Attack Tools...Jan. 2005
Suggested Topics:
  • Tools: LeapCracker, AirJack, AirSnarf, Hunter_Killer and others; LeapCrack and Old
  • Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
  • Layer 3 attacks; ARP spoofing
WiMax...Feb. 2005
Suggested Topics:
  • WiMax as a component of an overall broadband wireless networking picture
  • Mobile WiMax
  • WiMax vs. 3G
WiFi Department of Defense Security Requirements...March 2005
Suggested Topics:
  • WEP, WPA, and RC4
  • 3DES and newer AES algorithms
  • How to meet tighter security demands
WiFi Strategies for Telcos...April 2005
Suggested Topics:
  • Carriers as owners/operators or customers
  • Benefits for carriers from adding Wi-Fi to their menu of services
  • Prepaid and other billing/OSS topics
RFID...May 2005
Suggested Topics:
  • Global standardization of specifications
  • Economic impact in the workplace
  • Security and privacy issues
WLAN/Cellular coexistence...June 2005
Suggested Topics:
  • Smart Radio Resource Management and Smart Antenna technologies
  • Developing 802.11 protocol stack for quick handoffs between access for voice applications
  • WiFi and phone mobility
Mesh Networking...July 2005
Suggested Topics:
  • Self-healing, self-configuring wireless mesh LANs
  • Mesh network scalability
  • Mesh networks as true wireless networks
New Tools for WLAN Design...August 2005
Suggested Topics:
  • New electronic aids RF prediction techniques;
  • Hand-held sniffers, monitors, and analyzers;
  • Emerging systems for building self-healing, self regulating WLANs which adapt and change to RF conditions.
Hotspots: Business Aspects...Sept. 2005
Suggested Topics:
  • Making money in hotspots
  • Billing; backhaul; security; authentication; support; roaming partnerships
  • Multiple locations; multiple users; mixed public and private network access; multiple methods of payment and authentication.
WLAN Security...Oct. 2005
Suggested Topics:
  • Prevention of common vulnerabilities
  • Stronger access control measures (MAC lists, SSL portals, 802.1X port access controls)
  • 802.1X, certificate vs. password authentication
Alternative Networking Technologies...Nov. 2005
Suggested Topics:
  • Ultrawideband (UWB)
  • Bluetooth
  • ZigBee
First Responders: WiFi in Municipal Emergency Services...Dec. 2005
Suggested Topics:
  • Hotzones and emergency personnel
  • How to use WiFi for municipal services
  • WiFi, WiMax, and cellular working together on the front line