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Here are a smattering of other web sites you may find useful or interesting:

Airpath Wireless - hosted public WiFi management, billing, and roaming software and services.

Glenn Fleishman's Blog - WiFi networking news and info

HotSpot Locations - global database of WLAN access points

NetworkWorldFusion - wireless/mobile research section of industry trade publication

Palowireless - guide to 802.11 and wireless technologies

Proxim - provides wireless networking equipment

SearchMobileComputing - mobile computing resource

Telesym - offers voice-over-802.11 systems

Vivato - manufactures high-bandwith WiFi switches

Wayport - high-speed Internet provider and hot spot operator

WirelessAnarchy - guide for guerrilla hot spot networks

WirelessLANShop - German wireless LAN e-commerce store

Wireless-Nets - wireless networking consulting services

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