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Axerra Networks

Based: Tel Aviv, Israel
Founded: 2000


Why it is Fierce? Axerra is an innovative developer of circuit emulation (aka pseudo-wire) and service emulation solutions over packet access networks. The company's pseudo-wire solutions make it possible for different types of service providers to extend IP and legacy voice and data services over IP and MPLS networks. Axerra's technology allows these providers to convert any packet access network (including carrier Ethernet, broadband wireless, cable HFC, xDSL, EPON/GPON, and more) into a full-service alternative to TDM access. The company's solutions thus offer providers greater operational flexibility and efficiency and the means to migrate to a single converged network.

What to look for: Telecoms pay about $20 billion a year for backhaul alone. Look for the company to lay claim to some of these dollars.


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