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Siemens HiPath Wireless Solutions - more than just networks

The Healthcare industry has quickly become the hotbed of WLAN innovation. By combining our proven innovations in healthcare technology with our HiPath Wireless LAN, Siemens has created a wide range of mobile business solutions for the healthcare industry, including location, presence & VoWLAN. Download our whitepaper - Mobility in Healthcare Solutions to learn more.

Free guide: Cutting Through the Complexity of MPLS Performance

Learn how to benefit from Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and gain the network-wide visibility needed for troubleshooting and traffic engineering networks. This paper outlines best practices for collecting network and application performance information over MPLS-enabled wide area networks (WANs).

Wi-Fi Reference Poster Program

The various wireless technologies, standards, architectures and acronyms can be a confusing mess to understand. That's why Xirrus created an educational Wi-Fi Reference Poster Program to help get you up to speed on Wi-Fi and its related topics. Sign-up to receive the latest Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g, W-Fi Cousins and Nephews, and Wi-Fi Network Architectures Posters today!