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Based: New York and Herzlia, Israel
Founded: 2002


Why is it Fierce? A business interested in deploying a WLAN would typically prepare itself for the costs of repeated RF site surveys, cell planning, and continuous maintenance--and brace itself for the less-than-optimal coverage, low capacity, security problems and other problems associated with WLANs. Extricom's technology helps the enterprise avoid many of these, as well as related burdens. The company's solution replaces the cellular AP topology approach with what it calls a "blanket" of continuous coverage covering the entire enterprise. The key? The solution uses each WLAN channel everywhere while preventing any co-channel interference. In addition to reducing costs and simplifying deployment, the company's solutions allow easy coexistence of real-time, bandwidth-intensive voice and data services on the same system without degrading capacity, coverage, seamless mobility or security.

What to look for: As more and more enterprises adopt WLANs, look for businesses to warm up to Extricom's centralized, switch-directed network architecture.


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