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Based: Santa Clara, California
Founded: 2000


Why is it Fierce? TeleCIS was formed to produce chipsets for the WLAN market and the company has a portfolio including WiFi, OFDM, and smart antenna technologies. More recently, the company turned to developing a multi-protocol wireless SoC for broadband wireless. Its WiMAX chip offers advanced signal processing, low power and small size, making it suitable for both  fixed indoor CPE and for equipping  portable devices with wireless broadband capabilities. The company is now developing its WiMAX Mobile plus WiFi chip, which also supports smart antennas. It will provide WiMAX mobility to small mobile devices.

What to look for: Fixed WiMAX is here, and mobile WIMAX will come soon; TeleCIS is well positioned to play a major part in the 802.16e milieu.


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