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Based: Dorval, Quebec, Canada
Founded: 1993


Why is it Fierce? This Canadian fabless semiconductor developer of WiMAX network chips and development tools has the distinction of being to first company in the world to release a WiMAX chip. The company has three more recent distinctions: First, together with Redline Communications, Wavesat recently demonstrated a portable WiMAX network using interoperable WiMAX products; second, the company announced the next step in its WiMAX Evolutive strategy with its upcoming OFDM basic mobility chip, code-named Shark, targeting WiMAX nomadic and portable applications; third, the company has been named Most Innovative Wireless Broadband Company of the Year at the 2006 Wireless Broadband Innovation (WBI) Awards.

What to look for: The finalization of the 802.16e standard. Wavesat offers an 802.16 PHY chipset which addresses problems associated with legacy BWA implementation, solves the LOS limitations and contributes to lower infrastructure and CPE cost.


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