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 Title: Eliminate Performance-Robbing Interference from your Wireless Network
 Speakers:Neal Campbell, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Next Gen Products, ISCO
Steve Wetterling, Executive Vice President, Global Sales, ISCO
Sean Cordone, Director Engineering, ISCO
 Sponsored by:ISCO
 Hosted by:Brian Dolan, Editor, FierceWireless
 Description:Unprecedented cellular growth and increasing system complexity have led to dynamic interference environments for wireless operators. Fixed filters are no longer enough to protect cell cites from random and varying interference.

Join this webinar to learn about Adaptive Interference Management products such as the digital Adaptive Notch Filters (dANF) from ISCO that provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for interference mitigation.
  • Improve the Capacity and Performance of you wireless network
  • Expand EVDO and UMTS data throughput
  • Restore system Minutes of Use (MOUs) to their pre-interference levels.
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 Title: Signaling Evolution: The Transition To IP in Next Generation Mobile Cellular Networks
 Speakers:Stephen Madden - Technical Marketing Engineer, Intel
 Sponsored by:Intel
 Hosted by:Brian Dolan, Associate Editor, FierceWireless

As mobile and fixed networks across the world transition from TDM to IP-based signaling systems, network architects are seeking effective methods to connect a broad range of coexisting signaling elements. Attend this Webinar to:

  • Understand how the multiple signaling systems used in NGN architectures are key to understanding how to use the power of the network to offer new high-value services and solutions to customers.
  • Learn about Next Generation Networks' overlay of technologies
  • how IP signaling systems such as Diameter and SIP reside in networks alongside SIGTRAN, SS7 and legacy Access protocols.
  • How the network architect can deploy a range of signaling nodes in the network to engage multiple signaling technologies and leverage the power of existing legacy equipment in the NG networks.
  • Review case studies that show where signaling solutions can be implemented as network technologies transition. Such solutions leverage capital investment in existing network equipment, enabling network architectures to evolve and meet the needs of a NGN-enabled world.
 Title: Deploying Mobile WiMax - The Path to 4G
 Speakers:Prakash Iyer - Mobile Broadband Initiative Manager, Intel
Nat Natarajan - Fellow of the Technical Staff, Motorola Networks and Enterprise Business
 Sponsored by:Intel
 Hosted by:Anne Zieger, Managing Editor, FierceMarkets

Service providers are actively evaluating Mobile WiMAX technology worldwide. WiMAX is a low cost, flexible and scalable wireless broadband technology which offers a viable path to realizing 4G systems. Join us for this webinar and you will learn about:

  • 802.16e standards and the work currently underway in the WiMAX Network Working Group .
  • Architecture tenets, specification features, and planned releases.
  • End-to-end system architecture, deployment flexibility and network inter-operability considerations.
  • A few examples of ongoing or planned implementations of mobile WiMAX systems.
  • How Mobile WiMAX and current 3G networks work together .
 Title: Will IMS Lead Us to Fixed-Mobile Convergence?
 Speakers:David Croslin, Chief Product Architect, Verizon Business IT
PK Prasanna, Practice Director of Convergence/IMS Services, inCode
 Hosted by:Anne Zieger, Managing Editor, FierceMarkets
 Description:3GPP/3GPP2 has defined the IMS framework that spans the fixed and mobile networks independent of the access technology. But as technologies converge, and communications consolidate onto one IP platform, fixed and mobile operators will be pitched against one another. The competition will get even more fierce. This webinar investigates the possibilities of IMS acting as a stimulus for FMC.
 Title: Competing and Winning with Wireless VoIP
 Speakers:Dr. J. Gerry Purdy, VP & Chief Analyst, Mobile & Wireless, Frost & Sullivan
Roger Skidmore, PhD - Distinguished Member, Technical Staff, Motorola
Lee Black - Manager, RF Design and Management Software, Motorola
 Sponsored by:Motorola
 Hosted by:Dan Rosenbaum, Editor, FierceVoIP
 Description:Learn how to get ahead with wVoIP in this webinar. Get an overview of the technologies and current adoption rates as well as other metrics and understand how to compete while minimizing cannibalization.

Speakers include: analyst Gerry Purdy from Frost & Sullivan on the market for enterprise wVoIP; Roger Skidmore and Lee Black from Motorola on VoWiFi and solutions for wireless network design to optimize VoIP QoS.