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Indispensable. Comprehensive. Insightful. Extremely useful.
- Ehud Sarig - President & CEO, SyncPal
FierceWiFi is the only focused source for information about the wireless broadband industry!
- Jeff Marowits - Sr. Director, AirWave Wireless
FierceWiFi has turned me into a fountain of information about WiFi and wireless broadband for my corporation.
- Gordon Doull - Mericom Corporation
I read FierceWiFi as soon as I get it!
- Peter Bernard
Informative. Timely. Perceptive
- Mason N. Carter - CEO, Merrimac Industries
FierceWiFi helps point me in the right direction for additional research.
- Loi Nguyen - TRW Inc
FierceWiFi is always very current and up to date. The business intelligence is extremely helpful.
- Hythem El-Nazer - Senior Associate, TA Associates
FierceWiFi provides the latest news of the wireless broadband sector to me. The articles with the links keeps me well informed of current issues and specifications in the WiFi world.
- Product Support Specialist, Electro Rent Corp.
It is a good way to receive alerts about all the latest news in the wireless industry.
- Project Manager; Ikerlan
FierceWiFi gives a quick overview of new marketplace developments in the wireless broadband industry that helps us stay up-to-date!
- Avi Gliksberg - CTO, BECTEL
Get great up to date news and information about the WiFi and Wireless Broadband industry
- Mohammed Sheikh- Managing Director, Europe. Rainmaker Capital LLC.
I like the information on cutting edge technology. It helps me keep up with how the market is evolving. The Information is critical to developing technology for future.
- Ray Gutierrez - President, Houston WiFi
The quick daily update on news in the wireless broadband market is very helpful to me.
- Steve Schueler- VP Business Development, Phazar Antenna Corp
Broad set of info in one place. I can get a significant number of updates in a quick glance.
- CEO, Vaspian
I can turn to FierceWIFI to demystify new products as they are coming out. It's is always there for me with vital information I can use right now.
- Joseph Teper- Owner & IT Director, Teper Realty New Hyde Park, N.Y.
(Fierce WiFi has) extremely relevant news items including good bits about the industry...with links for more information.
- Emmy Johnson - Principal Analyst & Founder, Sky Light Research
FierceWiFi provides the best up to date editorials in the wireless broadband and WiFi arena, giving me a great heads-up on this area.
- Andrew Graydon- CTO, BorderWare Technologies Inc.
The things I like about FierceWiFi content and delivery format include: 1. The info is well organized, concise and always has relevance in terms of being "current events". 2. Your content focuses not only on developments that are technically significant but also those which are business/industry significant too. 3. Your content aggregation is very well distilled and a huge time-saver for me. 4. I especially like the manner in which you provide the links so the reader can drill down into more detail, if desired.
- William Hebert - VP Engineering, XtendCast.
FierceWiFi is up to date on the dynamic WLAN market saving me tons of time in personal research.
- Director Product Management, DiVitas Networks.
I use FierceWiFi to get the latest news and happenings in this "fiercely" competitive and changing industry. FierceWiFi does an excellent job of highlighting important information.
- Jeremy L. Foy - Director Channel Programs, Asylum Telecom
FierceWiFi keeps me up to date on the impact of the increasing popularity and growth of the wireless technology that all telecom companies are striving to deploy.
- Lance Locke - International Engineer and Planner, Sprint Nextel
The information in FierceWiFi is timely and concise. It keeps me abreast of the industry from every point of view.
- Owner - FourStar Services Group, Inc.
I use FierceWiFi to learn what's new and developing about commercial wireless technology. It is definitely clear enough for a layman to understand.
- President, Madison Capital
FierceWiFi provides general knowledge on WiFi as well as knowledge on how it relates to our product.
- VP Sales,
I find that I can find just about all the info I need about the wireless broadband industry right here in this nice and neat email. Short sweet and delivers just what you want and where you want it
- Justing Kirkpatrick- CEO, CyberKlicks
FierceWiFi helps me keep current on latest advancements.
- Rick Koenig- Sales Engineer, Cellcom
FierceWiFi provides me with a snapshot of the day's news and I really value the editorials. As an analyst, the insight and opinions we collect are essential to providing a balanced perspective to our customers.
-Donna Carlson - Principal Analyst, Sky Light Research
Keeps me abreast of the entire WiFi space, from a products, vendors & technology perspective.
-John Motherwell - Business System Manager, Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.
It's always has the very latest news that I could never find on my own
- President, VATG, Inc.
I like the way FierceWiFi organizes its daily news items, I am able to regularly keep myself updated with all the must know WiFi and Wimax news with minimum effort and regularly forward to my employees the most relevant and useful news for our company.
- Felix Zilberstein - VP Wireless Data Solutions, MIRS Communications Ltd.
I have a very useful info photograph of the wifi industry for my day to day update
- Juan Gongora - CEO, Hyperware
FierceWiFi is a very good resource to generate ideas for product planning.
- CEO - Airnet, Spa Roe
FierceWiFi is very pertinent to the Wireless Internet Service we provide.
-Meg Schell - Sales CAWinet [email protected]
FierceWiFi keeps me in the loop with the newest and best in the telecom industry. I use the coverage from FierceWiFi to provide information to my sales staff as well as my clients. The clients in particular really appreciate the nuggets of information. Thanks!
- Michael Ong - Operations Manager, Nedco Cellular
FierceWiFi has clear and understandable articles, good focus on the wireless broadband sector and timely information.
- Editor-in-chief, Microcap Magazine
Unbiased reporting is essential to inform the wireless community - FierceWiFi does it. I am particularly interested by coverage of the WiMAX debate and its implementation.
- Noel Jackson - Senior Associate, SBA Consult.
FierceWiFi gives me the latest news on technology, applications, and developments in the wireless broadband and WiFi sector.
-Ben Garza- President, The Heron Group
FierceWiFi is an excellent prospecting tool
- Director of Sales - Aria Systems LLC
As a Business facilitator working in this (WiFi) area, I use this service to keep abreast of what's going on in the market and find relevant items reach me in a succinct and timely manner.
- Nick Blong- Ellexan Limited.
Great source for a non-technical person to keep up-to-date with developments and opinions in the WiFI space.
- CFO - Wayport, Inc.
FierceWiFi keeps me updated on the WiFi business and technology tendencies. It helps to define my plans and direct my company accordingly.
- VP Marketing, Interlink Global Corp.
FierceWiFi is brief, to the point, with information that's essential for wireless participants.
-Bob Marks - CEO, Marks Mobile Consulting
I use FierceWiFi to stay aware of new developments in wireless standards.
-Bob Young - President, Peripheral Vision Communications, Inc.
FierceWiFi provides me with info on development in the Wifi arena and whose doing what. It helps build our awareness, product and solution knowledge as a company. A great resource which feeds back into our organization's think-tank and challenge sessions.
- Sat Mandri - Product Manager, Security Telecom New Zealand
I appreciate the up-to-the minute information in FierceWiFi about the quick developments in this volatile industry. I use this information to make critical decisions regarding system design and recommendations to my client base.
- Brett M. Botts - Director of Business Development, ACI Communications, Calabasas, CA
Best summary of news.
- Consultant (Perytons), formerly CTO @ Commil Ltd.
I am confident that FierceWiFi bring to my attention those developments in the field of WIFI that are significant. I have tested this by bringing articles to the attention of portfolio companies, to their gratitude.
- General Partner, HMS Hawaii Management, Parnters.
FierceWiFi keeps me informed of cutting edge developments and what's around the corner. It helps me to advice SME's to forward plan outside parochial verticals and to understand the covergence of technology and it's applications.
- Bobby Joseph- Director of strategy for Directrium
FierceWiFi is incisive and thought-provoking. Not afraid of taking on conventional wisdom.
- Rupert Baines, VP Marketing, picoChip
Informative and up to date !
- CEO, Cencion Communications
FierceWiFi gives me industrial trends in WiFi
- CEO, BDS Inc
Market survey, technology update on all must know wireless broadband developments
-Sr. Product Line Manager, U-MEDIA Communications, Inc.
FierceWiFi is well informed and well written. I use it to keep up to date on all the important news in the Broadband Industry.
-Bill Monson- CEO, Clearview Wireless.
FierceWiFi is quick and comprehensive news about the WiFi and WLan industries.
-Dr Wei Qian - Chairman and CEO, New Tigers Technologies Ltd (China)
FierceWiFi's short/brief updates are great in keeping me in touch with the global developments in the Wireless broadband world.
- Sr Manager, Broadband Division, Maxis Communications BHD
FierceWiFi aids my overall understanding of the progress of the Wireless Broadband industry.
- Frank Yang-Director/RealTime Logitics, Siemens Logistics & Assembly System
FierceWiFi is very useful for updates on new standards such as 802.16, 802.15 and 802.n and products in wireless broadband market.
- CTO, eInfochips.
With the latest news on industry trends and emerging technologies, FierceWiFi not only helps me keep a close eye on the market, but on product development as well.
- Joseph Herde Consultant - IP Services Cable & Wireless
As a "REAL TIME ICT" company, we get professional information from FierceWiFi for introduction of WiFi Technology here in Bangladesh.
- Iftikhar Kajal - Managing Director, TOTALTEL, Bangladesh
FierceWiFi has really been of great help for me, to stay updated with the latest about 802.x standards.
- Eng.Mohammad- MoICT/EGov
Insightful prediction of the trend of WiFi industry
- Victoria - Senior Analyst, CITIC FUTURE
It is good central source of a diverse range of information relating to the wireless communications industry.
- John Earley - General Manager, Supergold Communication Limited.
FierceWiFi keeps me up-to-date with this rapidly developing technology at an international level, its industry applications and standards issues. It is both broad and precise.
-Peter Stott - NetworXsolutions Group, Brisbane, Australia
FierceWiFi brings to my email box all the important issues in a short and insightful manner. Gets me generally updated on issues and gives me the option to go into details when I am interested.
- Ran Eisenberg- CEO, Wavion Ltd.
708 In return for a minute or two of my time I get to see an excellent snapshot of the latest news and more information is always available.
- Tony Saigh, Skype Mobile
FierceWiFi is my source for impartial, up to date and accurate information. We use it to remain on line with technology trend and market evolution in the wireless broadband industry.
- CEO - Neion Graphics
With FierceWiFi I have the latest information on WiFi, WiMax, and all the wireless broadband technologies.
- Siby Matthew - Ericsson
FierceWiFi is the most direct and comprehensive view on 802.11 technologies available.
- Preston Roper - VP Marketing, Tesaria
Quite useful!
- Steve Fuller - Sr. Product Manager, Motorola
Just wanted to commend you on your 'Deal Watch' section. The format is the most useful I've seen in a long time!
- Michael Kuhlmann - Co-Founder & VP Business Development, FatPort Corporation
I learn something new every time I read FierceWiFi
- Brett Lang - VP, Vocera Communications
FierceWiFi is one of the most consistently useful and informative newsletters I get. Thank you!
- Kevin Russo, Dep. Of Navy