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Broadband Wireless Internet

Wireless broadband access usage continues to grow and emerging technologies and lower costs will make broadband wireless internet networks ubiquitous in the near future.  FierceWiFi focuses on technologies such as WiFi, WLANs, Bluetooth, 3G wireless, and voice over frequency division multiplexing (VOFDM) which will make broadband wireless internet cheaper, more scalable, more reliable, and more secure.  Each week FierceWiFi delivers the most important broadband wireless news.  Readers can expect coverage of broadband wireless internet from a number of perspectives.  Recent broadband wireless articles have covered the following topics:
 - Broadband wireless trends
 - 802.11 investments
 - WiFi usage analysis
 - WiMAX/802.16 broadband wireless standard
 - Cisco's VOFDM broadband wireless open standard
 - WiFi chip makers
 - 3G wireless vs. WiFi
 - Broadband wireless hotspots
The challenge facing companies such as T-Mobile and Boingo Wireless, not to mention Starbucks, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, and UPS, is the emerging business model for broadband wireless.  Will the availability of broadband wireless internet at Starbucks increase coffee sales?  Will Hilton Hotels & Resorts be able to prove the value (increased occupancy) in offering free broadband wireless access?  Will companies such as UPS see enough productivity gains to justify a $100 million investment in a broadband wireless network?
As businesses and consumers demand anywhere, anytime access to broadband wireless networks, the future will no doubt hold a hodgepodge of different services strung together for universal access.  Most pundits agree that broadband wireless internet networks will actually be comprised of 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, UWB, and VOFDM services in addition to other emerging technologies.
FierceWiFi will provide you with the information necessary to understand the emerging broadband wireless internet market.  Sign up today and benefit.

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