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FierceMarkets LIVE!

Our turn-key Webinar program

The FierceMarkets LIVE! Webinar program is a powerful vehicle for generating highly qualified leads while educating the marketplace.

Why Us

Vendors choose us because we make it easy and cost-effective to put on a highly successful Webinar. We build an audience for your Webinar, moderate it (if you so desire), promote it to our 200,000+ daily readers, do all the back-end work, and generate a bundle of qualified leads that will make you a super-star among your sales and marketing colleagues. All you have to do is provide the content.

How You Benefit

BIGGER, BETTER AUDIENCE:  In order to generate registrations, we promote your Webinar to our daily readership of 200,000+ top-level executives. This saves you marketing dollars and gives you an instant source of qualified  Webinar attendees.

MORE CREDIBILITY:  By sponsoring a FierceMarkets Webinar, you reap the benefits of our third-party media presence. You gain much more credibility for your message and appear less "sales-y" to potential attendees. Most sponsors utilize a FierceMarkets editor to act as moderator, which lends you even more credibility and offers an additional draw for potential attendees.

NO BACK-END WORK: We do all the back-end work for you, so there are no technical headaches for you and you don't have to pay an expensive licensing fee. All you have to do is to provide the speakers and presentations.

COMPLETE CONTROL OF CONTENT:  You have complete control of the Webinar content. The Webinar template will be co-branded with your logo, and you will have the chance to specify polling questions to participants.

LEADS:  At the end of the Webinar, we share with you the contact details of those who registered for the Webinar -- an instant source of fantastic leads for your sales force!

In sum, our value proposition is to make it as easy and cost-effective for you to put on a highly successful Webinar. We do all the work, and you get all the benefits!

Advertising Contact:

Will Beaty, Associate Publisher
(202) 628-8778 x 25
[email protected]

"Thanks for such an outstanding webinar! The quantity and quality of the attendees truly exceeded our expectations. You made the process easy and Stephen was a fantastic moderator. I strongly recommend your service."

-- Director of Marketing, Senforce Technologies

What's Included

As the exclusive sponsor of a FierceMarkets LIVE! Webinar, you get significant marketing mileage:

Exclusive Sponsorship

You are the exclusive, premier sponsor - EXCLUSIVITY

Contact information for all audience members - GREAT LEADS

36 slides/30 minutes to introduce your solution - PLENTY OF TIME AND SPACE

Up to 5 polling questions for the audience - IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK AND ENGAGEMENT

Recognition as premier, exclusive sponsor in promotions to our readers:
- Event Listing
- Email Blast promotion
- Web site Webinar calendar

Cost is $17,500

What Next?

Ask questions. Learn more. Pick a topic. Set a date. Contact Joaquin at (202) 628-8778 x 19.